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Search Syntax

The following table displays the search fields that are available when searching the IFLP database in HeinOnline, each followed by an example.

Field Name Example
Keywords (All FieldS) “comparative law”
Author “Buxbaum, R.”
Article Title “age discrimination”
Journal Title “Hague Yearbook of International Law”
Publication Year 2001
Country of Publication Mexico
Subject/Country Heading Antitrust
Language of article or review German
Book Title “International Maritime Boundaries”
Reviewer “Smith, J.”
ISSN 0090-2594
ISBN 3-412-17601-X

Search Examples

Search Tips

  • Searching using non-English languages does not require the use of diacritical marks (accent, dot, hyphen, tilde, umlaut, etc.):
    • Sanchez Gamborino or Sánchez-Gamborino
    • Über Profanierung or Uber Profanierung
  • For author searches, type last name first and the first initial of the first name or the last name only:
    • Wolfrum, R. or Wolfrum
  • When searching by journal title, drop the initial article (the, il, zie, etc.):
    • Diritto di Autore not Il Diritto di Autore
  • Initial articles can be used in article title searches:
    • La tutela del diritto di autore su Internet or Tutela del diritto di autore su Internet