Frequently Asked Questions – MyHein

I do not have a MyHein account, but I bookmarked an article. Can I still access the bookmark and if so where is it saved?

If you do not have a MyHein account, you can still bookmark articles and save searches for your current HeinOnline session. To access them, click on the MyHein tab and then click on either Saved Bookmarks or Search Queries. Once you end your HeinOnline session, either by logging out or closing your browser, all saved data will be deleted.

I saved some bookmarks but forgot to log into my MyHein account before I saved them. How can I move them to my MyHein account?

Log in to your MyHein account. Once you log into your account, your saved bookmarks and search queries from your current session will automatically be migrated to your MyHein account. If you end your HeinOnline session before logging in to your MyHein account, any saved bookmarks will be deleted.

I forgot my username/password for my MyHein account. How can I retrieve them?

If you have forgotten your password, simply click the “Forgot your Password?” link found underneath the login screen on the MyHein tab. This will ask you for your username and an email will be sent to you with your new password. You will have to log in with your new auto-generated password, but you will then have the option to change your password to something you choose. If you have forgotten both your username and password, email for assistance. 

How do I know if I am logged in to my MyHein account?

To determine if you are logged in, click on the MyHein option in the top options bar. If you are logged in, you will see links to your saved bookmarks, search queries, and eTOC alerts, along with the option to log out.

Can I export my research into reference management software programs such as RefWorks?

Currently, we allow export options for RefWorks and EndNote. NOTE: These options are only functional for law journal articles. Therefore, be sure the entries you are exporting are law reviews or law journal articles.

Use the links below to find more information about exporting journal articles to Refworks or EndNote.

Can I back up my saved research by exporting it to a Microsoft Excel or other file?

Currently, you can export your saved bookmarks to a CSV file. NOTE: This option is only functional for law journal articles. Upon exporting law journal articles to a CSV file, the data displayed will include Title, Author, Journal, Volume, Page, Date and the URL to access the article in HeinOnline.