Frequently Asked Questions – Cataloguing

How do I Get a Permanent Link to a Title?

There are a few different places from which you can obtain the URL to a title in HeinOnline. From any of these locations, which are outlined below, you can right click on the title and select either “copy shortcut” (IE) or “copy link address” (Chrome), or another similar prompt as is applicable to your browser. You can then paste the link wherever you need to; whether into a cataloguing tool or where required when using your browser’s bookmarking features. You may also choose bookmark or add the link to your favorites directly from the right-click menu options.

Catalog Search: You can right click on the title from the list of results generated after using the Catalog Search feature.
[NOTE: Screen shots shown are from a Firefox browser]

Collection Index Page: You can right click on the title from the index list inside any collection’s home page.

Navigation Trail: Or, you can right click on the title name from the navigation trail once you are working inside the title itself.

Permalink Icon:  If you are working inside the title itself, you can click on the permalink icon.

This will produce a box with a link to the exact page you are viewing.  You can then copy and paste the link as needed.

What cataloguing aids are available?

Cassidy Cataloguing is the official cataloger for HeinOnline. Cassidy Cataloguing offers high-quality MARC21 catalog records for HeinOnline’s core subscription package and all HeinOnline a-la-carte libraries. All records will be emailed for easy loading into your institution’s OPAC (or ftp’d if preferred). Cassidy offers free customer service and no-charge customization (including any necessary proxy information) for any records collection.

For a complete listing of HeinOnline record collections that Cassidy Cataloguing offers, please visit the Cassidy Cataloguing website.

Please contact Cassidy Cataloguing at 973-586-3200 or with any questions or for more information.

How do I bookmark or link to a specific page?

Use the permalink button when viewing a page in HeinOnline. It is found in the image toolbar toward the top of the screen. Clicking the permalink button will display a window with a direct link to the page you would like to make a link for, which can then be copied and pasted.

How do I view a MARC Record?

Easily view a MARC Record by clicking the more information link for any title, then clicking the MARC Record link: